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Web page design

Spotify’s Soundclash is a marketing activation that rewards USA university clubs that get the most followers for a particular playlist.


Amadita has been working with us since 2006 and we have grown with them. This is the third redesign we have done for Amadita over 9 years of collaboration.


Spotify’s Soundclash is a marketing activation that rewards USA university clubs that get the most followers for a particular playlist.


Playa Bonita Beach Residences is a touristic project located in Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.


What we offer

With our main office in the Dominican Republic, we offer unique , high- quality website designs, to convey your message. We offer web pages that meet your needs and goals; whether it is a web page to get prospective clients or to sell products online.

Your business, brand or enterprise is important to us from the first contact you make with our company. Our experience allows us to help you develop your ideas with a view to you can have a list of measurable goals so you can measure your success.

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Comunicación con el cliente

Strategy, web design and maintenance

The team at GBH will assist in the conception, design, production, maintenance and marketing of your website. For us, web pages are the result of a deep knowledge about the mindset and profile of target consumers, the content that will attract those consumers and what will keep them visiting your website again and again, as well as the marketing strategies to lead them to your web page, both in the Dominican Republic and abroad.

Web design intended for all types of screens

“Users access the Internet from their mobile devices 40% of the time and this will continue to grow in the coming years”

People want to gain access to the same information they can access from their computers . At GBH we understand how users behave, we make adjustments to the rendering of said content for a better view of your website for mobile consumers.

Diseño web para moviles Republica Dominicana
SEO Republica Dominicana

Optimized for web browsers

Contacts or business comes from prospective clients who are looking for a product or service related to what you have to offer.

For this reason, to have your webpage on the first page of search engines for a group of keywords will serve as an endless source of potential businesses in the Dominican Republic or abroad.

Reaching your audience through targeted content

Adicional al diseño, el contenido es la parte más importante de su página web. Es lo que hace que sus visitantes se interesen en su negocio, marca o emprendimiento. En GBH, le asistimos en la creación de contenido relevante que logre motivar a sus potenciales clientes a hacer realidad sus objetivos o convertir.

Banco de público
Identidad corporativa

Brand design and corporate identity

The image of your business, brand or enterprise is essential to start designing your website. Why? The logo and its colors define the graphic line that we will follow during the design process. Knowing that you might not have a logo or corporate identity, we have created the service: Creation of corporate identity: your logo and stationery.

This service is offered exclusively to our website clients to avoid a potential poor service and so that they can receive the same service warranty as in our other services.

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Do you want to be prepared when they contact you? Download the following document with the necessary questions before starting with the development of your website.

Quality is something that cannot be
added at the end of a project.

At GBH our work process focuses on quality from the very beginning.
Therefore, each of the phases in the development and design of your website has unique working hours for quality control: identification and correction of problems.

Available plans

  Simple   Advanced   Customized
Purpose For small businesses that wish to have a presence on the web and have minimum budget.   For businesses that wish something customized and with specific objectives.   For businesses that want more complex solutions that add additional value to their customers.
Pages 1 to 5   5 to 10 pages   10 pages or more
Theme Pre-selected theme of pre-selected options. May not be unique.   Theme created in a personalized manner with a superficial assessment of the customer and standardized experience.   Theme created in a personalized manner through a deep study of the users to deliver a unique experience to that type of customer.
Unique design No   Yes   Yes
Customized user experience based on the type of customer No   No, only better practices are used.   Yes
Budget USD$3,999.00 to USD$7,999.00   USD$8,000.00 to USD$14,999.00   USD$15,000.00 or more (Contact us to provide this budget)
Approximate delivery time 4 weeks   8 weeks   2 months or more
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