Soluciones GBH

Soluciones GBH

A different technology company.

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1. GBH is a technology company that seeks that your, brand, enterprise or organization is able to provide better service and / or products to your customers.


2. We are a company that believes that technology and the creation of knowledge that exists in technology are a source for the development of the Dominican Republic.


3. We are a company that seeks that our employees are fully committed to providing our customers with a good service.


4. We are a company dedicated to software production (desktop, web and mobile), consulting and implementation of infrastructure (databases, user controls, backups, security), data networks (LAN, WLAN, and WAN ) as well as technical support services to computers for businesses of all sizes.

Our reason of existence

Happy clients

Because we want to satisfy our customers, improve their business and help them achieve their goals faster. This company exists to change the paradigm that technology is unpredictable and that in the technology world there are no transparent, reliable and righteous people.

Because we want to serve as a catalyst for the development of the Dominican Republic and its people. Our company not only seeks to create a workspace for many people but serve as a basis or leverage for those people to make their dreams come true.

Country development

Our reason of existence
translates to the following:

Our customers are our family members. We want to understand them, we want to know what they do and where they want to go. This is for us the only way of doing business and this is how we will take care and protect your their integrity, continuity, and growth.

GBH does not carry out business transactions, it builds relationships. For us, it is more important to know the goals of your business and help you achieve them than the compensation received for creating something that does not help you to reach your goals.

What's GBH mission and vision?

Our mission is to serve, serve the right way; in a way that makes our customers come back to us again. For GBH it is clear that a product is not only the end result but the whole process that helps us achieve that result.









Our vision was to become our customers' trusted company and we have achieved this. At present our customers constantly consume the variety of services we offer and we continue to create closer relationships with their brands or businesses.

Where are we heading with our support division?


We want to be the benchmark for technology services for businesses in the Dominican Republic through our support division.

Where are we heading with our software and digital production division?

We want to become a larger family with over 80 change agents who serve customers with high-quality digital production needs

(software, web, banners, mobile applications).


Help the Dominican Republic to be placed on the radar of those who are seeking to establish nearshore digital production operations.

At the same time, we want to continuously create spin-offs based on our team's ideas.


How will we achieve this?


Through an internship program that trains talents to become change agents for the different areas in GBH.


Through personalized contact with our employees. To understand their problems, needs and serve as a channel to solve any problem or issue that they might have.


Through the voice of our customers.


By involving firms such as Gartner to publish the Dominican Republic as a suitable location to invest in nearshore digital production operations.


By motivating the implementation of business or ideas of our team members to enable them to generate their own businesses using GBH as leverage.

What does GBH do?

GBH has two divisions and each division offers its own services. Below is a list of our services classified by area.


We assist products, brands, companies, digital or advertising agencies in the design and development of software.


Custom Software development

We provide custom software development capabilities for your web, mobile and big data products. Predictable and on-time. Get to know us more!


Web page design

We create unique web pages that get the results you want and which are based on the analysis of the goals of end users and your company.


Web Consulting

We help you create a successful and functional website which responds to your users’ queries and needs.


Social media management

Social networks are a key element in marketing strategies. The presence in social media allows you to establish a connection and a relationship with users, consumers, and prospects.


User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

Our services include a tool to help you increase your sales and satisfy your customers: This tool is called User Experience.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Increase organic traffic for your web page in search engines through the creation of relevant content and a link-building strategy.


We offer services so that technology is not an issue for those who use our services.


Preventive and corrective maintenance of Computers in the Dominican Republic

With our technical support, maintenance and prevention of failures, your company will have specialized personnel to assist you either remotely, by phone or at your company.


Information Technology Infrastructure Assessment (IT)

This assessment gives you peace of mind, knowing that your business has all the necessary components for continued operations.


Backup Configuration

Data is the most important part of your business. Our backup configuration service will protect your company against a potential data loss.


Structured wiring installations

A poor quality wiring that does not meet the standards of its class may pose technical problems for your company.


Structured wiring certification in Dominican Republic

Confirm that your wiring is installed according to the international standards of its class with our latest technology equipment.


Installing and configuring Wi-Fi networks

We install and configure your business’ wireless network (Wi-Fi) to easily access your network from anywhere.

Our team

We are more than a team, we are family! Here're the great people that
make of GBH a great company that provides the best IT service:

andres_a andres_bandres_c

Andrés Gadala María

Managing Partner / Business development Director

bonetti_a bonetti_bbonetti_c

José Bonetti

Managing Partner / COO

alberto_a alberto_balberto_c

Alberto Guzmán

IT outsourcing Director


Pablo Pérez

UX Operations Director

luismr_a luismr_bluismr_c

Luis Ruíz

Software Operations Director

rafa_a rafa_brafa_c

Rafael Araujo

Creative director

ignacio_a ignacio_bignacio_c

Ignacio Canó

Leader / Senior software engineer

javier_a javier_bjavier_c

Javier Gadala María

Financial manager

alvarez-a-2016 alvarez-b-2016alvarez-b-2016

José Alvarez

Leader / Interaction designer


Katherine Miranda

Administrative assistant

justo_a justo_bjusto_c

Justo Sierra

Software engineer

lisanny_a lisanny_blisanny_c

Lisanny Blandino

Technical support consultant

luis_a luis_bluis_c

Luis Alvarez

Software engineer

sherley_a sherley_bsherley_c

Sherley Brito

Project manager

jairo_a jairo_bjairo_c

Jairo Díaz

Software engineer

oscar_a oscar_boscar_c

Óscar Rodríguez

Technical support consultant


David Cátala

Server administrator


Juan Cepeda

Purchasing agent


Francisco Vizcaino

Graphic designer


Vinicio Domínguez

Technical support consultant


Otilio Morfe

Technical support consultant


Miguel Saiz

Software engineer


Alexander Rudecindo



Vianny Solano

SM / Communications

sllinas1 sllinas2sllinas2

Shadia Llinás

Interaction designer

muestra_jefferson-1 muestra_jefferson-2muestra_jefferson-3

Jefferson Trinidad

Graphic Designer

carlos1 carlos2carlos3

Carlos Bensant

Software engineer

annya1.2 annya2.1annya3.2

Annya Pereyra

Administrative assistant

diego1 diego2diego3

Diego Mena

Software engineer

hector1 hector2hector3

Hector Vasquez

Software engineer

luis_sierra1 luis_sierra2luis_sierra3

Luis R. Sierra

Software engineer

daysi1 daysi2daysi3

Daysi M. Pérez

QA manager

victor1 victor2victor3

Victor Ozoria

Visual designer

ambiorix1 ambiorix2ambiorix3

Ambiorix Jimenez

Technical support consultant


Daniel Santiago

Principal Technical Lead

eladio1 eladio2eladio3

Eladio De Paula

Graphic designer

eva1 eva2eva3

Eva Luna Agra

Community manager

jorge1 jorge2Jorge Arias

Jorge Arias

IT Cloud Manager

Sarah Escañotheany-2theany-3

Theany Escaño

Social Media Lead Junior

Clovis Ramirezclovis_2clovis_3

Clovis Ramirez

Software engineer


Joseph Ramírez

Help Desk

Pablo de la Cruzpablo_2pablo_3

Pablo de la Cruz

Workstation Manager

Gianni Dal Masgianni_2gianni_3

Gianni Dal Mas

Human Resource and CSR Director

jesus2Jesus Pereyrajesus3

Jesús Pereyra

Software engineer

Tania Duvernaytania_2tania_3

Tania Duvernay

Community Manager

Jose Rodriguezjose_2jose_3

José Rodriguez

Software QA Manager


Carlos Pimentel

Software QA Lead

Hector Aristyaristy_2aristy_3

Hector Aristy

Software engineer


Claudio Ruiz

Junior Engineering Manager

Rafael Brensrafael_brens_2rafael_brens_3

Rafael Brens

Software engineer

Misael Laramisael-2misael-3

Misael Lara

Interaction Designer

roberto2Roberto Calderonroberto3

Roberto Calderón

Software engineer


Giancarlos Castillo

Software engineer


David Tavarez

Software engineer


Daniel Then

Front End Web Developer


Jacopo Ferrazza

Software QA Senior


Vyzaldy Sanchez

Software Engineer Senior


Jhon Ramirez

Technical Support Junior


Jairo Mancebo

Software Engineer Mid


Manuel Gonzalez

Software QA Senior


George Garcia

Software Engineer Junior


Eliezer Pujols

Visual Designer Junior


Earvin Rodríguez

IT Operations Outsourcing Manager


Emilio Vargas

Gerente de Felicidad Organizacional

Happy face

Would you like to be part of the GBH family?

We are more than a company. We are a family and we want you to be part of it. If you are a software engineer (Developer) or UI / UX (Graphic Designer) you are our best fit for us.

We also offer student internships at GBH. Learn about the requirements for our job positions.

Visit our jobs section

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

We are here to help. If you have an idea of what you need, questions or would just like to say hello, do not hesitate to contact us anytime! :D

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Our telephone numbers:
Dominican Republic: +1 809-412-5947, United States/Puerto Rico: +1 928-366-5947 and our e-mail is:


Av. Roberto Pastoriza #60, Naco (building La Constancia). Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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Puerto Rico:

151 Calle San Francisco, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico.

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