Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We turn big ambitions into market-ready products people love.



Customer retention over 17 years



Projects, and counting



Of clients refer us to their networks

Trained by top universities. 
Quick to market. Successful the first time. 
Devoted to results, not just requirements.

Our mission is to help you amplify your impact.

We do it by employing the most efficient tools possible to get you further faster.

image: Web applications
Web applications

Our full stack developers are well-versed in node.js, php, java, ruby, angular.js, backbone.js ,react.js. and more

image: Database

We have expertise in both sql and non-sql databases: mysql, postgres, sql server, Oracle, mongodb, neo4j, Cassandra

image: Software Utilizing Machine Learning
Software Utilizing Machine Learning

Our proprietary AI software has vast applications across many industries to help you get further faster.

image: Mobile applications
Mobile applications

Our full stack developers know Android, Xamarin, IOS inside and out.

image: Innovation Hub
Innovation Hub

If it’s already been built, we facilitate a partnership between the 100+ innovators in our network. So your development hours go even further.

GBH: Custom Software Development

Our latest best practices in custom software development

We design with empathy and build with care.

Delivering tech that evolves with your business.

Based in the Dominican Republic.
Powering companies globally.

See how we make nearshore feel next door...

One Integrated Team

Working as one team is crucial to the success we deliver. We cover 50% of expenses to kick off at your office to integrate with your team & culture.

Same Language

Every person on the team speaks fluent English. Get a direct line to your team to get every question answered.

Strict IP Protection

We operate under US law and sign full-time employees with strict NDAs. Your project details stay only with your team.


Proactive solutions, fair scope based on your needs, jargon- free check-ins, we’re set up to make your experience turnkey.

The GBH Difference


We deliver results like no-one else because we make tech choices rooted in a deep understanding of your business.

Remote team. Conference room down the hall feel.

17 years warmly helping our clients use tech as a tool for business transformation with a tried-and-true process:

Schedule a call with a business-minded tech lead committed to understanding your business and needs.

After foundational research and approval, we will assemble a team, establish a state-of-the-art dev organization workflow (containers, ci/cd and automation from the start), so you can focus on other areas of growth.

We’ll fly out to your office to integrate with your team’s way of doing things and work in a collaborative manner, making sure we deliver the work exactly as your envision it. You can expect an open chat with your dev team and daily video chats to remain integrated remotely. Once the project is complete, we’ll train your team and can provide ongoing support.

Let’s turn your idea into a market-ready product people love.

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    No matter how complex the challenge, cutting corners is never an option. We are guided by these fundamentals:

    image: All in the same boat
    All in the same boat

    We’re in this together. We solve meaningful challenges with ambitious clients and don’t stop until it’s right.

    image: At the drop of a hat
    At the drop of a hat

    The market moves fast. You need a team that moves faster. We staff your dream team in a matter of days.

    image: Make no bones about it
    Make no bones about it

    Candid, clear, consistent communication that always does right by the business, even if it’s not an easy conversation.

    image: Actions speak louder than words
    Actions speak louder than words

    90% of our clients have been with us for over 15 years. Ensuring the wellbeing of our clients is more than a promise.

    image: For the long haul
    For the long haul

    We deliver impactful solutions to complex challenges that evolve with you and pave the way for future growth.

    image: Come rain or shine
    Come rain or shine

    We will be there. We will follow through. And we will do what’s right to help you make a meaningful impact.

    image: Hit the nail on the head
    Hit the nail on the head

    We understand your why to make choices that align with your strategy the first time.