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We need to build software solutions for our business every day. Whether to create a new product or because some integration is required for our operations and processes to be faster and more efficient.

This process involves the creation of a development team that produces the product internally and subsequently maintains it . Another option is recruiting some programmers on a temporary basis to assist the organization as freelancers.

The problems that these two approaches pose are the following:

The cost of setting up a software team

1. The cost of setting up a software team and the labor risk involved far exceeds in many cases, the potential benefit of the development of the product. Additionally to the recruitment of personnel, software development is a complex task by itself because it requires project management, communication, and engineering capabilities.

Freelancer vs Workteam

2. Freelancing is troublesome due to continuity risks that usually arise during projects. In many cases, if projects have no legal status, they can be left up in the air; the freelancer was offered a job he could not refuse or he simply has too much work at that time to attend to your requests for changes.

Why build your software solution with GBH?

Committed to good service.

We are committed to good service.

Creating a lasting, long-term relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance to us.

Our team has been trained by leaders graduated from universities such as Carnegie Mellon and Rochester Institute of Technology.

Two top universities in the United States.

Carnegie Mellon
There is no silver bullet to solve all the problems

There is no silver bullet to solve all the problems.

We have a team with an expertise in different technologies and products that does not develop products with just the processes and tools you already know, but that also recognizes the need to adapt to the technology and the process that best suits the work required by our customers.

We have the only team (formalized) of user experience in the Dominican Republic; which allows us to reduce risks in the requirements capture process and to ensure that the customer knows what will be developed before starting the first coding task.

We have access to a team of over 40 professionals.

All our professionals are willing to help you with any challenge that you might face.

over 40 professionals
User flows

We have a team with very low turnover.

Our company is focused on employees and make their dreams come true. For us, our employees are our first customers and therefore our employees give others an excellent treatment.

We are constantly evolving.

At GBH we learn from each project we develop and we adapt ourselves during its execution so that processes satisfactorily meet the needs of our customers. Our teams are trained to assess themselves and find a solution to any type of project.

User flow

Our development process

At GBH we first want to understand the problem you have. Therefore, in most products, we receive support from the user interface and user experience team to identify the user's needs and obtain a detailed list of requirements.

Once the requirements have been identified, our team begins with the design of the solution and later uses the appropriate process to execute the process. At GBH we have the expertise to handle projects that require agile or structured approaches.


Our team is trained in the use of the best practices and methodologies of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), with the support of graduated professionals who have had a first-line access to such guidelines.

Quality above all

Quality cannot be left to the end in software production. Therefore, our team conducts inspections of all software products at the time of their creation. Additionally, we have a team of outstanding engineers who conduct automated regression testing in every step of the development process.

Our team and experience

Our team has been trained with the same skills that are taught in the Master of Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon, which ranks first in the world in Software and computer science, and which is among the top 50 universities in the United States by USNews.

Our employees have extensive knowledge about software architecture, design patterns, and engineering requirements. These skills turn them into the only change agents in the Dominican Republic and one of the few change agents worldwide.

Team Team
José Bonetti

José has over 10 years experience in the software business and is an expert in coaching software teams helping them to improve their skills and software development processes.

Graduated from the Carnegie Mellon University, José coordinates the operations of a team of 42 people at GBH and his interests are focused on software development, software architecture and machine learning (artificial intelligence).

Team Team
Ignacio Canó

Ignacio has over 5 years experience in team leadership. He has led and created architectures for Carnegie Mellon and Spotify.

Ignacio coordinates a staff of 10 engineers to achieve successful projects in the industries of logistics, health, entertainment and education.

Team Team
José Pérez

José has over 9 years of experience in building software solutions and 4 years in leading multidisciplinary teams.

His solutions include the development of a micro framework for Salesforce's mobile user interfaces and applications using the node.js.

Technical capabilities

Web applications
Web applications

We develop high-performance web applications using technologies such as node.js, php, java, ruby, angular.js, backbone.js and react.js. However, we are true believers that technology is only a mechanism to achieve a goal, so we are fully capable of developing products using technologies that are not part of our daily activities.

Mobile applications
Mobile applications

We develop mobile applications using tools such as Android, Xamarin, and IOS.


We have experience in SQL databases and no SQL: MySQL, Postgres, SQL server and Oracle as well as mongodb, neo4j, Cassandra.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

We are able to develop products which involve machine learning.

Success stories


Una aplicación móvil nativa en IOS y Android para el portal Que Hacer Hoy que muestra todo lo que ocurre en la República Dominicana con relación a eventos de recreación y cultura.



Conectando a una corredora de seguros con su prestador de servicios para ofrecerle mejores servicios a las ligas mayores (MLB).


Cloud Lending Solutions

Aplicación móvil para el producto CL Microfinance de Cloud lending. Este producto hace uso de Salesforce.com y su capacidad de configuración para brindar soporte remoto y offline a agentes de préstamo en lugares apartados.


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