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"If you build it, they will come”.
This is a phrase that does not apply to the online world. Prospects will not reach your website if you don't do a good job to MAKE THEM COME.

Today more than ever, the place that people use to decide where to buy
or where to request a service are web browsers:

#1 search engine in the market
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With this in mind, it is necessary to work so that your
becomes a visible option to those who are looking for your service or product on the Internet.

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offers the service that you need to make this possible

Our search engine optimization service (SEO)

We will make your business, brand or enterprise become a reliable and respected source of information in the niche market you are trying to penetrate.

In this way, you will get a better search engine positioning over time and eventually a greater flow of visitors that you can convert into customers.

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Service explained

Nuestro servicio de optimización para buscadores consiste en:

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Un análisis de competencia y palabras claves

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An optimization of the website's structure

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A link building strategy

For what purpose?

To work hard in order to cover the areas in the Internet market where your competitors are
weaker to later start venturing in those areas where they are more competitive.

Optimization of the website's structure

We conduct an analysis of keywords based on the content and on an assumption based on your information and on the information available on the Internet, in the same way your potential clients search online.


Identify repetitive content by search engines.


Evaluate access to content.


Create site maps and publish them.


Remove irrelevant links with spam and errors.


Implement well-known schemes for browsers (scheme.org).


Include titles and content on the website.



External optimization: link building strategy

This part of the job is to identify places where your content or value proposition can be linked. These can be:

External websites

Clients' external websites

Collaborators' external websites

Collaborators' external websites


Organizations you belong to


Newscasts that can make a reference to your contents.


Source of information on the web that can make a reference to your contents

With the result of this process, our team will find you a space in search engines so that you can capture potential customers and convert them into clients.

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It doesn't matter who created your website


Our optimization team can help you even if your website was not built with us.


If you have not yet built your web page and you are researching on this subject, talk with our team to request the service as this will be more cost efficient.

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