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User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

Our services include a tool to help you increase your sales and satisfy your customers:
This tool is called User Experience.

What is user experience or UX?

User experience is not more than a set of factors and elements about user interaction within a specific environment or device that provides a positive or negative perception about the product, service or device being tested. User experience seeks to offer the level of satisfaction of consumers when using services.

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What is it for?

We put ourselves in the shoes of those who will use these services and adapt the environment to make it as comfortable and easy as possible. We ensure that they are able to obtain what they want while interacting with the website and in order to do so it is necessary to have a deep understanding of users and identify their real needs.

It can be summarized in two sentences:

  • Design the best experience for the user who will use any type of application.
  • Make a novice user feel like an expert.

How is it done or determined?

The procedure involves the development and execution of the following stages:


Investigating users and people

This involves conducting an investigation to determine who the user who will visit the application is and what are his/her needs. The purpose of this is to understand the motivations, needs, tools and usage patterns of these users through online surveys, field studies, etc. As a result of this, we obtain all the actions that consumers will want to take and how they will do so.

In the case of people, a member of an audience group is defined in detail, a character that represents such audience is created so we are able to think like him while interacting with the application. Each person is captured in a description that includes behavior patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and environment, with some personal details to bring the character to life.


Use cases and user stories

Use cases represent the activities that identified "people" make and user stories are each of the functions they perform in order to perform these activities

User flows

User flows

This process is a visual representation of all user stories, which identifies how you will achieve your goals.

User flow helps us to ensure that each action has a continuous flow and work well together.

Visual process


They are the first graphical representation of the web page, system or application, and where you can see what the product will be like.

Here, we create a basic structure that will allow the designer to interact with the client, so that together, they can give a direction to the interface.


Mockups give us a more accurate representation of the product. Unlike sketches, which are drawn by using paper and pencil, mockups are digitized.

The main purpose is to refine the sketches and have more details about the product.


Wireframes are the closest representation of the final product, but without color or styles. It also has notes that will allow the developers and the client to understand how the product will behave.

This step ensures that all user stories are covered, and at the same time this is a tool for usability testing.

Prototype and usability testing

A prototype is a sample of the product that will allow you to test the concept and the processes. Not only you can view a sample, you can also interact with it, which allows an optimal feedback experience.

During usability testing. wireframes are tested in order to identify potential interface errors correct them.

Our clients

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