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What is a web strategy?

A web strategy aims to identify each audience group and develop the kind of questions that each one of these groups makes about our products or services. In addition, it analyzes the competition to identify the strengths and weaknesses that could become an important parameter to decide the type of features or services offered by the company through its web resources.

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Advantages of a web strategy

  • Increase the likelihood of success of a website
  • Maximize the scope and user participation
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Identify and replace improvement opportunities
  • Avoid production costs with no perspective of a return on investment (ROI)

Why is it important to have a strategy for your website?

Before starting any project and making an investment in the development of a website, you should be clear about your objectives. At GBH, we help you with your objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. These strategies will give you a clear idea of the actions to be taken to achieve each of the objectives that have been identified

For example:

  • Create a type of content and spread it across a specific social media
  • Project qualities to your audience like safety through the support from leading brands in that field.

The reason for all this is measuring. Measuring will allow you to know if your project is going in the right direction or if something needs to be adjusted to be able to continue. In addition, it will provide a more realistic perspective of the type of investment you need to make in order to achieve the expected impact.

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What do I get with a web strategy?

You get support from GBH in identifying the digital goals for your brand, product or business. In the end, the web strategy is a document. This document provides information on the following topics as well as an accurate description of the final product to be developed. In this way, any web design company is able to create what you need.

Target audience

To identify the needs of the target audience of your website, the "Persona" method is used. This document defines in detail a member of a group of a specific audience. The idea is to create a "person" based on concrete data, who represents the group of a certain audience and that can serve as a vehicle to allow us to think like him and about him when interacting with the website created for your organization, product or business.

Performance Indicators

To ensure that we are on the right track it is necessary to make a list of measurable objectives. This will enable the executive management of your company to assess progress in the short, medium and long term on the web. Moreover, it will explain what needs to be done in order to achieve each objective.

A site map

This document is a diagram that identifies the website's different sections and the information that each of those sections will have. This information will be based on the needs of the audience.

Mockups, wireframes y diseño

Mockups are representations of how users will view your website. In turn, the wireframes are iterations of mockups that give a complete view of how the final product will look like. Finally, the design adds the corporate identity of the company, product or organization to what was created in the wireframes to give the image of how the finished product will look like.

How is a strategy developed?

The consultancy will consist in capturing information meetings and brainstorming to then present the results found. Subsequently, there are several stages of validation of the information, a comparison between focus groups and finally the definition of the architecture and layout.


The purpose of the meetings is to get to know the audience of the company, your short, medium and long-term goals as well as your opinions and participation regarding what can be offered to create value for customers. After each meeting, minutes of the meeting will be drafted to establish what has been discussed and to a list of the actions for the next meeting.


After the meetings, we will present the results obtained to confirm and fine-tune anything that might have been left out. At all times, we will shape the deliverables mentioned in the previous section.

The creation of “Personas”

In one of the meetings you will be asked about the audience of the website. The point is to fully understand your target audience; know their average age, needs, desires, fears and their intention when accessing the website of the company. Based on this information, characters will be created with a name and last name which will represent the users, while interactions and the layout are analyzed.

Data collection

The identified people will be validated through a survey. In the survey, specific elements of the persons identified at the meetings to capture information will be confirmed. At the end of this process, the people captured, based on abstract information (gained at the meeting), will be validated by the survey data and shall become specific individuals.

Site map creation

For the development of the site, the Card Sorting methodology will be used. In the Card Sorting process, cards will be created with the important information identified for each person. We are talking about those questions and needs of specific individuals. Later, those individuals who have completed the survey are invited to organize the cards created as they consider appropriate. In the end, we have an organization created by the users which tells us the way in which information should be organized and therefore we get the sitemap.

Iteration in mockups, wireframes, and design

Once we have the sitemap, we prepare sketches, mockups and wireframes that will be validated separately in meetings with the client and users. The idea is to have the approval of the way the content will be distributed and how the layout will look like in each section of the website before applying any type of design and corporate identity.

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How long does it take to see results?

Each project is different, but generally, through the definition and achievement of KPIs (Key objectives or performance indicators), you will be able to track the improvements on your website.

There are different ways to measure the performance of your page; the following are some of the different projects. For example:

Measure the number of visitors and new users through Google analytics.

Implement a system to account for IP voice calls by just entering a phone number on a web.

Create a list of the subscribers who have subscribed through a form on your website to receive news and updates.

It is very important to know if we are moving forward in the right or wrong direction so that we can decide to remain on that path or head in a different direction.

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