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Preventive and corrective maintenance of Computers in the Dominican Republic

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Quiroz SantroniPereyra & AsociadosLMV

GBH el aliado esencial para una firma de abogados


Somos una compañía especializada en el diseño, venta e instalación de aires acondicionados, ventilación y electrodomésticos con más de 30 años de experiencia

Imbert Dominguez

Imbert Domínguez y Asociados se especializa en el diseño y la construcción de proyectos industriales, comerciales y hoteleros. Cuenta con una red a nivel nacional para brindar una estructura de eficiencia y servicio de calidad.

Edificio ArgicoArgico

Argico, es una empresa dedicada a la distribución exclusiva, venta y respaldo total de los motores diesel CUMMINS, asi como la distribución de los generadores eléctricos, transfer switches y sistema de sincronización de la prestigiosa marca Cummins Power Generation.


Smurfit Kappa Cartonera Dominicana es un productor de empaques de cartón corrugado y hace parte del grupo Smurfit Kappa, uno de los mayores productores de empaques a base de papel a nivel mundial.


Preventive and corrective maintenance of computers.
Why should you hire our services?

Technology is our coworker every day; however, this coworker occasionally
puts us in difficult situations



Mobile phones






Not performing computer maintenance increases the likelihood of technical failure.

When technical problems occur, your business stops or processes slow down. In this situation, it is important to have a company with the experience to solve the problems in the shortest time possible and most cost effective way so that you can continue with your daily operations.

Our staff visits your office regularly to provide you with preventive maintenance support for your computers

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maintenance for your company?

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Don't wait until your computer fails. Purchase our preventive maintenance service now.

Although you can count on us to repair your computers when they fail, you can minimize the likelihood of failure by purchasing our preventive maintenance service.

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Our computer maintenance service seeks to significantly reduce disruptions to
your ongoing operations.


Our computer maintenance service gives you access to ongoing unlimited support. This is possible because the number of calls to our technical support center is significantly reduced once your computers receive constant proper maintenance.

Depending on the number of computers and other technology equipment, we can offer different preventive maintenance plans.

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Service guarantee

100% guaranteed quality

Since technology equipment has a limited useful life, we cannot offer a lifetime warranty. Our best warranty is our customers' testimonials and we differentiate ourselves from other companies in that our customers don't get tied down with long-term contracts.

A team, not a single person

When receiving maintenance service for computers by our company, you will not have only one person helping you. If the technician assisting you does not have a solution, you will receive support from:


A team with over 20 people with different profiles and expertise in the area of computing

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What's the cost of preventive maintenance?

  Quantity   Full pricing   Number of visits
Computers 1 - 8   US$200.00   Unlimited
  Quantity   Price per machine   Number of visits
Computers 9 - 30   US$24.00 each   Unlimited
Computers + 31   Customized budget   Unlimited
  Price per equipment  
Servers US$50.00 each
Mobile equipment US$4.00 each

What does our preventive maintenance service include?


An inventory of all your computers and technology equipment

Windows and Mac

Support for Windows and Mac operating systems

Office and Iworks

Support for Microsoft Office and Apple iWorks

Back up

Backup configuration


An IT infrastructure assessment in order to issue recommendations to improve the way your computers, network, and backup services are configured.


Support for printing on workstations


Maintenance to: File service, permission updates, specific change services

E-mail support

Support for e-mail accounts on workstations

Support for internet connections

Support for network and internet connection

Support visits

Monthly support visits in which you will receive preventive support for all your equipment. This includes: software updates, physical cleaning and proactive support on all computers. This implies: software updates, physical cleaning, and detection and removal of virus, malware and rootkits.

Types of support





On-site when needed


On-site when needed

Remote support

Complementary services in addition to computer maintenance

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring/PCs USD$4.00

We use technology to monitor your computer and also to allow our team to take action in real time in relation to the status of your computers, connection, processes, events, disk space, antivirus and firewall without you having to report it or without us having to learn about any issues during our next visit.

Printer plans

Printer continuity plan

Do you have problems with your printers? Do you want to delegate that task? Ask about our printer continuity plans so that we can make you proposal that fits your needs.

Service warranty

Professional service warranty for servers USD$80.00

With this warranty, if your server fails and needs to be reinstalled, you don't have to pay any additional charges. This warranty is for service only. Licenses and parts are NOT included.

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