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Tech is disrupting business models daily. We make it your advantage consistently.

GBH: Tech Innovation Consulting

Our latest best practices in tech innovation consulting

We deliver “successful the first time” transformation through:

image: Customer-Centric Design
Customer-Centric Design

Lean and design-thinking mindset.

image: Building Efficiently
Building Efficiently

An agile and iterative approach honed by hundreds of complex projects.

image: Inter-disciplinary Expert Teams
Inter-disciplinary Expert Teams

So every angle is thought through.

image: Pragmatic Investments
Pragmatic Investments

Building only what’s necessary and forging strategic partnerships with our 100+ startup innovation partners to get further faster.

The GBH Difference


We deliver results like no-one else because we make tech choices rooted in a deep understanding of your business.

17 years warmly helping our clients use tech as a tool for business transformation with a tried-and-true process:

Schedule a call with a business-minded tech lead committed to understanding your business, needs, and ambitions.

After foundational research, we’ll build a plan to use tech in your domain strategically as your point of differentiation. We’ll present it to your board or work with you to collaboratively refine it to effectively meet your needs.

We’ll turn our strategic plan into a market-ready reality. We’ll source existing technologies from our network to save on development, manage your product lifecycle from beginning to end, or build it for you.

Your tech innovation strategy just got a whole lot mightier.

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    No matter how far ahead our innovations push us, we are grounded by these fundamentals:

    image: All in the same boat
    All in the same boat

    We’re in this together. We solve meaningful challenges with ambitious clients and don’t stop until it’s right.

    image: Actions speak louder than words
    Actions speak louder than words

    90% of our clients have been with us for over 17 years. Ensuring the wellbeing of our clients is more than a promise.

    image: Make no bones about it
    Make no bones about it

    Candid, clear, consistent communication that always does right by the business, even if it’s not an easy conversation.

    image: Come rain or shine
    Come rain or shine

    We will be there. We will follow through. And we will do what’s right to help you make a meaningful impact.

    image: For the long haul
    For the long haul

    We deliver impactful solutions to complex challenges that evolve with you and pave the way for future growth.

    image: Hit the nail on the head
    Hit the nail on the head

    We understand your why to make choices that align with your strategy the first time.