IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

IT is the foundation of your business. We fill in the gaps to keep your business moving forward. Managed & co-managed services. Robust, diverse expertise.



Customer retention over 17 years



Projects, and counting



Of clients refer us to their networks

Designed for SMBs of all sizes to run smoothly, no matter what.


Private Equity and Venture Capital

Ensure your businesses’ tech works seamlessly with consistently excellent standards.


Mid-Size Businesses (41-300 employees)

We augment lean IT teams, offering big company IT support without the cost.


Small Business (20-40 employees)

Gain the robust expertise of a large IT team at a fraction of the cost.

We come with all the tools needed and a proven process to deliver outstanding results.

We can do it all or support your IT team.

Augment your team with senior strategic planning and tactical IT support.

Our 20+ team supports yours so even if your IT person is on vacation or leaves, you’re covered.

A robust IT team available flexibly: business continuity, IT support, data security, CIO strategic roadmap planning.

 Over 17 years bringing established processes, expertise, and frameworks to organizations of all types.

Supported by friendly, collaborative and expert customer support.

image: Security, Monitoring & Prevention
Security, Monitoring & Prevention

  • Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Automation
  • Backup & DR
  • Security Stack

image: Compliance & Consistency
Compliance & Consistency

  • Standards Library
  • Compliance
  • Alignment reviews

image: Happy Service Desk
Happy Service Desk

  • Remote Helpdesk
  • User Requests and Support

image: Strategic Planning with your Virtual CIO
Strategic Planning with your Virtual CIO

  • Impact Assessment
  • Business Impact of Technology
  • Strategic Roadmap

We continuously assess every aspect of your IT to ensure it is in the best shape for helping you to archive your goals in your core business.

300 questions, 30 categories, 6 sections

We make IT easy

Each month we run assessments, each quarter we deliver an Impact Analysis to surface the most pressing issues and all the information you need to make decisions to best use IT as a tool to grow.

Everything is included in one monthly fee that feels comfortable for your business. 

No hidden fees.

IT Protection & Support Features

Essential IT Support
Unlimited Remote Assistance

Unlimited Remote Assistance

Get common IT questions answered in real-time, when it matters most. Support has no limits; but common inquiries include troubleshooting for printing, email, phone, document issues, slow devices, and custom software configurations. We’ll take care of time-sensitive tech issues so you can focus on everything else.

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Custom monthly report providing detailed visibility into the status of your tech assets (e.g. computers, servers, cell phones) to ensure everything is running properly (e.g. antivirus, hard drive, memory, OS services etc.).

Device Monitoring and Response

Device Monitoring and Response

Software installed on each device will automatically flag device errors so that we can get it operating at full capacity quickly. Top things tracked: hard drive, memory, (what else?)

Service Desk with Standard SLA

Service Desk with Standard SLA

Every tech issue opens a track-able ticket so you can check the status of the case and chat with the agent.

Annual Business Review

Annual Business Review

Custom report reviewing infrastructure and providing recommendations for improvements to increase service reliability. Common improvements include server optimization, network equipment, electrical equipment, and security considerations.

OS and Office Support

OS and Office Support

Support with day-to-day computer issues. From Office program crashes, to corrupted OS files, and even typos in an excel formula, your agents have you covered in real-time.

Email Platform Support

Email Platform Support

Ever ask any of the following? “My emails aren’t getting out?” “Why do emails take so long to get to me?” “I’m going on vacation can you add an automatic message for me, I forget to do it in the office?” ‘How do I create an email address for a new hire?” “How do I change my password?” “How do I disable an email account because an employee has left the company?” “Can you help me configure email on my phone or computer?” We’ve got your covered.

Device Inventory

Device Inventory

An inventory of all tech assets both for insurance purposes and to allocate resources effectively between employees. Simple but helpful when you need it.

Automated Maintenance

Automated Maintenance

A series of daily safety checks (without interrupting the user) to identify device errors, performance capabilities, and optimization opportunities. We’re immediately notified of any errors and get it resolved before the user even has to open a ticket.

Essential IT Security


A Top 5 Antivirus Software to protect and prevent the most common threats.

Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering

Filter inappropriate or nonproductive sites with smart web content filtering.

Patch Management

Patch Management

All major attacks involve a form of missing patch implementation. Just as important as antivirus software, we’ll ensure your devices are consistently updated to the latest patch versions to guard against malicious attacks that can result in downtime, data exposure, and data loss.

Password Protection

Password Protection

An encrypted vault with strict security permissions to store all usernames and passwords for every account & device in one secured location. No more passwords in a master excel or in plain sight. A locked vault that only one/few people have access to increases overall network safety and efficiency.

Business Continuity Security
Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Every device is backed up daily, with a version retention period of 28 days. For full visibility, we’ll send daily reports confirming backup completion. Companies with a large amount of data changing frequently can be backed up twice per day. Servers can be restored using back up information in under 24 hours.

Endpoints Advanced Threat Security (Sandbox Analyzer)

Endpoints Advanced Threat Security (Sandbox Analyzer)

Suspicious files are sent to your “Sandbox” quarantine area outside of the network, to executer the potentially malicious software before it enters your network. This is a security measure that allows suspicious files to be tested before they’re opened on network computers.

Emails Advanced Threats Protection for Office 365

Emails Advanced Threats Protection for Office 365

Email has become the major vector of attack. Firewalls and antivirus software alone don’t block all email attacks. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) blocks the most common email threats: phishing (e.g. someone pretending to be your bank or another trusted source) and malicious links or attachments. ATP keeps risky emails out of your inbox.

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Live webinar and Q&A providing an annual overview of top security threats and best practices for protecting against them.

Two Factor Authentication for Office 365

Two Factor Authentication for Office 365

Layered security enhancement to make it more difficult for attackers to gain access to your network.

We fill in the gaps in your IT so you have a system that helps you achieve your business goals.

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    While tech gets fancier, we stay evermore rooted in the fundamentals.

    image: All in the same boat
    All in the same boat

    We’re in this together. We solve meaningful challenges with ambitious clients and don’t stop until it’s right.

    image: At the drop of a hat
    At the drop of a hat

    The market moves fast. You need a team that moves faster. We staff your dream team in a matter of days.

    image: Come rain or shine
    Come rain or shine

    We will be there. We will follow through. And we will do what’s right to help you make a meaningful impact.

    image: Actions speak louder than words
    Actions speak louder than words

    90% of our clients have been with us for over 17 years. Ensuring the wellbeing of our clients is more than a promise.

    image: For the long haul
    For the long haul

    We deliver impactful solutions to complex challenges that evolve with you and pave the way for future growth.

    image: Make no bones about it
    Make no bones about it

    Candid, clear, consistent communication that always does right by the business, even if it’s not an easy conversation.

    image: Hit the nail on the head
    Hit the nail on the head

    We understand your why to make choices that align with your strategy the first time.

     IT Outsourcing Certifications

    • American Contemporary Business Practice, Management Certifiction

    • ITIL V3 (Third version Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

    • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Windows Server 2016

    • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Office 365

    • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

    • Leviton Network Solution Certification

    • Project Management Professional

    • Ubiquiti UNWA v2

    • Meraki 360

    • Acronis Cloud Tech Associate (Backup, DR and Protect)